North Atlantic Fiddle Convention: Call for Presentations

North Atlantic Fiddle Convention 
11-15 July 2018
University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Confirmed keynote speakers: 
Jacqueline Codgell DjeDje
Mark Slobin
Heather Sparling

As with all NAFCo Conferences, we welcome papers and panels on any aspect of current research into fiddle music and dancing. The 2018 theme will be Dialects and Dialogues: Fiddling and Dancing across Oceans and Continents.

Fiddle and fiddle-dance traditions can be found in many cultures across the world. Diversity in terms of organology and timbre, repertoire and composition practice, rhythms and tempo, performance context and function, is demonstrated through the instrument’s versatility and dynamism.

NAFCo 2018 will celebrate the outstanding nature of fiddle and dance across oceans and continents, combining an international academic symposium with performances and workshops to create an event devoted to exploring and sharing cultures, traditions and heritages. The convention will highlight the ways in which the fiddle, fiddle music, and associated dance styles transcend boundaries of all kinds – geographical, political, and cultural – creating new traditions and fresh musical insights.

While the focus of NAFCo in the past has been the countries surrounding the northern part of the North Atlantic (mostly the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Canada and the United States), we would like to extend this considerably in 2018 to include mainland Europe, Central and South America, West Africa, and other parts of the world where there are notable fiddle traditions, in order to broaden the discussion and explore the use of fiddle and other bowed string instruments in a variety of performance contexts.

We invite contributions on current/new musical research into fiddle traditions across the world.
Academics and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for presentations, panels, round tables, posters, diamond sessions, and films on any research related to the fiddle music and dance traditions. We particularly encourage proposals relating to the following:
Fiddle music and memory: cognition, digitisation, and embodiment 
Musical languages and dialects. 
Re-contextualising and re-purposing of the instrument and its music
Adaptation of other repertoires for the fiddle
Non-institutional methods of teaching and learning 
Music, migration, and development of repertoires
Ritual contexts of the fiddle and dance
Fiddle music in the context of theatre and performance

Proposals are invited for:

Round table discussions
‘Diamond presentations’

Presentations should be 20 minutes long with 5-10 minutes for questions.

Panels can involve three or four people presenting around a theme, or can involve 6-12 people speaking for a shorter time around a set theme.

Round table discussions can involve shorter presentations of 10-15 minutes each followed by a chaired discussion.

‘Diamond Presentations’ – Individual ‘Diamond Presentations’ are seven minutes long and are organized around 21 slides that are set to advance automatically every 20 seconds. They are free from text and speakers should refrain from reading notes.

Films can either fit into a 20 minute presentation slot, or be shown separately as part of the wider convention programming.

Deadline for submissions is 1 December 2017.

Please submit proposals of up to 300 words along with a 100 word biography and contact information by email to

All proposals will be anonymously peer reviewed.