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North Edinburgh Music Collective

Got a track that needs feedback or just listening to on nice speakers? Interested in music production or trying out some state of the art music technology? Want to hear music you’ve never heard before or simply get inspiration?

#artcore have a new music programme for 13-25’s called North Edinburgh Music Collective. It runs on a Wednesday between 5pm and 8pm at North Edinburgh Arts in Muirhouse in a professional recording studio and is hosted by Patrick Walker, a Producer with a wealth of industry experience.
As usual with artcore projects, YOU SET THE AGENDA and decide what you want to do. Last week, we sampled a Chinese Dulcimer, listened to and analysed a few tracks our young people made and explored the Roland TR-8 and a 303 drum machine.
If you fancy a shot of professional recording equipment or even just want to listen to your music on high quality monitors, just drop in any time! 

You don’t need any experience or know-how to come along, it’s totally free and you could meet like minded people and gain some great production skills in the process!

If you’d like more details of this project or want to find out what else we are doing here at artcore, please email call 0131 555 4604 Monday – Friday.