Planning for a Europe-wide folk network

Following an initiative by Burnsong, the interest in creating a network for folk organisers across Europe has been growing and a number of people agreed to make a meeting in Brussels last month to plan practical steps towards setting up a formal structure.
18 people from across Europe, including Traditional Music Forum Co-ordinator David Francis, were able to attend that Working Group meeting – and they worked on these practical ideas.  The next task is to finalise the arrangements and actions that were decided in that meeting – and then launch the network formally at an open-invitation meeting in Scotland in early 2016 (around the time of Showcase Scotland at Celtic Connections – the date will be announced soon).
Below is a summary report of the Working Group’s decisions and the actions that are being taken ready for the launch of the network. 
Please get in touch with any ideas and thoughts that you have about the items in the report – and you will be kept informed about the launch meeting as soon as date and venue have been finalised.