PRS Foundation: Momentum Music Fund – Next Deadline 28th Jan 2019

The Momentum Music Fund offers grants of £5k-£15k for UK based artists/bands to break through to the next level of their careers. Activities eligible for support include recording, touring and marketing.


What is the Momentum Fund?

Managed by PRS Foundation, the Momentum Music Fund awards grants of £5,000-£15,000 using funds from PRS Foundation, with support from PPL, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Invest NI, with additional funding and support from Spotify.

Momentum provides vital financial support which will help talented artists and bands to take their career to another level. Activities eligible for support include recording, writing, touring and marketing.

Are you eligible for Momentum funding?

If you can answer YES to the below questions you may qualify for the Momentum Music Fund and should consider applying.

  • Are you an artist/band based in the UK?
  • Do you write or perform your own music?
  • Have you been profiled/featured in national press, media and received coverage in UK wide blogs as an artist/band?
  • Have you played shows or been asked to play multiple shows across the UK?
  • Do you have evidence of a strong fan base nationally and regionally?

Who can apply?

Artists/Bands applying for the Momentum Music Fund must be at a crucial tipping point in their careers, showing current progression and growth as an artist with the potential to significantly develop their careers over the next two years.

NOTE: This application is not for artists/bands just starting out, demoing and playing their first gigs. If you are at an earlier stage in your career please click here for other funding options, including The Open Fund.


How much can artists and bands apply for?

You can apply for £5,000 – £15,000 to contribute to the development of you as an artist. We recommend you budget realistically to show what you need. Our average Momentum grant is roughly £10,000

What can be funded?

  • Recording – new album, EP, single, producer, engineer, mixer fees, studio hire, session musician fees, etc.
  • Touring (UK only*) – travel, accommodation, musician fees, set/production design, tour management, equipment hire, etc.
  • Marketing and promotions – PR, radio plugger, digital marketing, music videos, merchandise production, etc.

Note: We will prioritise contributing to expenditure which helps you/the artist to develop professionally and creatively.

What can’t be funded?

  • Van/car purchase
  • International touring
  • Support for a roster of artists – each application must focus on one artist
  • Projects requesting funding that would, is or could be covered by the deal the artist/band has with a label, publisher, management company or other relationships (e.g. touring costs).
  • Capital projects (e.g. building work)
  • Buying equipment
  • Building a studio

What are the funding application deadlines?

The Momentum Music Fund has 4 deadlines a year. The next deadline is January 28th, 2019. We aim to communicate results back to all applicants with a decision within 8 weeks of a deadline passing. All our funding decisions for Momentum are made by an expert group panelists.

Please contact for more info and questions about the application form and process for applying.