Q&A: Adam Sutherland of Nae Plans

Two of Scotland’s finest folk musicians – fiddler Adam Sutherland and pianist/vocalist Hamish Napier – join forces for Nae Plans, a thrilling, moving and totally spontaneous culmination of traditional tunes. About to play three sets here at the Centre as part of our Fringe 2016 programme, Adam (above right) told us about their process and his thoughts on the Fringe.

As the name suggests, you don’t plan your sets before you go onstage. How does that work?!

We choose songs from our repertoire of tunes and songs that have been accumulating since we starting learning traditional music as children. Very often one of us won’t have heard the tune or song before. This happened in a live Nae Plans broadcast on BBC Scotland’s Travelling Folk, where Hamish sprang a new song on me. Jamming with an unknown chord progression on live radio is fun. Fun and terrifying.

This spontaneity is much like traditional music sessions. Do you focus on trad music or move into other genres too?

We specialise with trad music but can veer off into country, jazz, Irish, Scandinavian… Who knows?!

What do you think of the musical offering at the Fringe on the whole?

It’s great! Particularly pleased that the music of the late Martyn Bennett is a feature. He was a hero of ours.

What are your favourite Fringe memories from previous years, either as a performer or a punter?

Spiegeltent! The sweet smell of summer evening air. Smiling faces. Accents from around the world. Celebration of life.

Have you seen any shows at the Fringe so far? Which are on your must-see list?

Not yet but hoping to see Limmy‘s Daft Wee Stories and heading to Grit on Tuesday!

See Nae Plans on Mon 22 Aug at 9.15pm or Tue 23 & Wed 24 Aug at 1pm. Book tickets