Q&A: Erin, Errol & the Earth Creatures

Here at the Centre from Thu 4 – Sun 21 Aug (not 17-19) as part of our Fringe 2016 line-up, Erin, Errol & the Earth Creatures by Modest Predicament is a charming show that will teach children of ages 5 and up the importance of looking after our planet. Actor Raymond Wilson, who plays Errol, told us more about the show and what he’s looking forward to seeing at this year’s Fringe.

What is your show about, and what inspired it?

Our show is about a young girl whose twin brother goes missing in the Scottish wilderness, and in an attempt to find him she sets out on an adventure. Along the way she meets an assortment of unique, fantastical creatures who teach her how people can coexist with nature and care for the environment. The themes and characters are all influenced by Scottish folklore and traditional lifestyles, as well as every artist’s go-to for inspiration – the great outdoors!

Erin meets some peculiar characters on her journey. Do you have a particular favourite?

We all have our own personal favourites through the company – mine is the Kelpie. I get to puppeteer and voice this wise (and wee bit scary) character. I like to think it’s sort of become my trusty steed in the process. The design is beautiful too; our whole creative team has done a fantastic job designing and making all of the creatures from recycled materials.

You recently held a children’s workshop relating to the show at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. How did that go? What were the children’s responses to the themes explored?

We all had such a fun day! It was really encouraging to see how quickly the children got a grasp of the environmental messages and understood what they could do around the house to help. It was also brilliant how they were instantly invested in the creatures – some of the kids even made friendship bracelets for our own rubbish-dump pixies.

Is this your first time performing at the Fringe? If so, what are you most looking to? If not, what are your favourite Fringe memories from previous years?

This will be my second year performing at the Fringe with another company, Fear No Colours, but my first with Modest Predicament! The best thing about this festival, by far, is the people you meet – the other companies and performers, the staff at all the venues, and of course, the audience members that you’re doing it all for!

What’s on your must-see list for 2016?

Must-see for me every year is anything by legendary Fringe band The Blueswater; they’re always perfect for some tunes in the evening. I always make sure I see as much stand-up and comedy as possible too: this year I’m excited to see Limmy (though I DEFINTIELY won’t be repeating any of his jokes to the kids…!).

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