Q&A: Join Celeste’s Circus at the Fringe

The Centre is delighted to welcome Celeste and her Circus back after gleeful surprises and pocket-sized spectacles in 2014! This micro show for teeny tots utilises stunning visuals and sound effects to ensure youngsters stay fixed on the action, while parents can enjoy being amused by a flirty French lady. We caught a quick chat with Celeste creator, Francisca Morton of Faux Theatre, to find out more ahead of opening the Circus doors from Thu 4 – Sun 28 Aug at 10.30am.

What three words best describe Celeste’s Circus?

Delightful.  Engaging. Charming.

The Circus last pitched its tent here in 2014. Has the show changed since then?

The show has organically developed through time. It started out as a show designed for the top deck of a vintage bus!  I’m very happy with its current incarnation, as it just works for my especially wee audience members. It’s always a joy to perform and an honour to see so many tiny, dribbling, awe struck faces staring back at me!

Is there any particular plays/films/art that inspired the show’s retro/French style?

A love of the retro aesthetic has always been a personal design choice. The black, white and red of my set and costume are an influence from my work with neonates as a Hospital Play Specialist. These are the colours, research has shown, that wee ones are most especially drawn to.

The character Celeste developed as the show progressed. It’s fun to play this charming, larger than life, unashamedly flirtatious world traveller. The interaction with the adults and the risqué humour (which rides above the children’s heads,) is part of what makes the show fun to perform.

What are your favourite Fringe memories from previous years?

The view from the stage of tiny faces looking back at me, their little minds engaged with rapt attention. It’s SO cute and quite an unusual experience! And I did stop traffic in 2014 when I mounted a red telephone box with confetti for a photo call. That was an experience.

Which Fringe shows are on your must-see list for 2016?

As usual I will pack in as many puppet shows and visual theatre performances as time and budget will allow! I’m particularly looking forward to The Toad Knew by James Thierrée, which is part of the Edinburgh International Festival line-up.

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