Q&A: Lynne Campbell, Songs & Stories of Scotland

Lynne Campbell, storyteller and singer, presents Songs & Stories of Scotland at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the 27th of April. Revisit familiar tales and songs, and learn new ones in Lynne’s personal account of Scotland’s cultural heritage. We had a chat with her about the show and her background:

Tell us about your show, Songs & Stories of Scotland.

Songs & Stories of Scotland centres around 5 songs from various folk traditions in Scottish music: from Burns, to the 1960s Folk revival; from depictions of the Jute Mills in Dundee and historical events, to our unofficial national anthem. Each song has a personal story attached, as well as looking at the wider cultural relevance of the piece. Songs & Stories looks at Hogmanay traditions, Scotland’s rich mythology, our history, and our future through storytelling, poetry and the songs themselves.

Lynne Campbell

How did you become interested in storytelling and song?

I have always been a singer and my family’s influence is a big part of that – our Hogmanay parties were legendary, and everybody had a party piece!  I have always been into acting and theatre, and telling stories that way.  It’s really since writing and performing Songs and Stories at the 2016 Fringe Festival that I have delved into the amazing world of storytelling and the vibrant community that we have here in Scotland. The interplay between audience, storyteller and the story itself is unlike any other experience I’ve had while performing and it’s magic.

Which other singers or storytellers from Scotland (or further afield) influence you?

The trad scene in Scotland is full of incredibly generous and talented people who are willing to share their experience with you.  Sheena Wellington in Dundee is incredibly generous with her time, and has been very kind with her expertise and knowledge. I joined the lovely folks at Blether Tay-Gither in Dundee, the local storytelling group who all bring their own unique ways of telling stories which I can learn a lot from – they’re an inspiring bunch! Storyteller Erin Farley has been particularly awesome in welcoming me to the community.

Have you performed at TradFest before? Are there any other acts on the programme you’d recommend seeing?

This is my first time and I’m incredibly grateful to be performing at the Storytelling Centre.  As far as recommendations go – just soak it up! I’d highly recommend fellow Bletherer Lindsey Gibb’s Tunes in Tales, as well as the international elements – as a former belly dancer, I’m really excited about Baghdad is Still Singing

What does Tradition mean to you?

That’s a huge question! Lots. Tradition is key to understanding a place and its people. Tradition is comfort and family and knowledge and warmth and fun and welcome. It’s knowing where you’ve been and figuring out where you’re going, and it’s home – whatever that looks like to you. 


Songs and Stories of Scotland is on Thu 27 Apr at 7.30pm

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