Recipients of Traditional Dance Residency Announced

We’re delighted to announce this as the first in a new collaboration between the Traditional Dance Forum of Scotland and Dance Base, believing that the sign of a healthy culture is when traditional and contemporary arts can come together to enrich each other’s voice. This first shared residency with Kae Sakurai and Nic Gareiss is a perfect example of the adventurous partnership that we aim to host together in future.

Come along to the Company Class and Showing to gain insight into their work – free of charge.

Sound of Dance – Kae Sakurai & Nic Gareiss (10-14 April)

This project will bring together voice, fingers and feet to create the sight and sound of modern step dance brought up to date by master percussive dancer Nic Gareiss and Tokyo-born new Scot Kae exploring the crossover and interplay between musician and dancer.

Nic is an outstanding practitioner in his field of percussive dance. Nic is uniquely poised to lead master workshops. These workshops will concentrate on creating new individual performing pieces. His present work in progress is “Solo Square Dance”. His aim to create a total of 60 minutes length of solo pieces. Kae will create around the theme ‘Sound of Dance’ and this will be added on to existing pieces, in total of 30 minutes length.

Company Class: Thursday 13 April, 10.00am at Dance Base (free, non-ticketed)

Kae leads step dancing experience through her repertoire and Nic leads ‘Dance the Tune’ utilising improvisation, organic movement.

Company Showing: Friday 14 April, 5:00pm at Dance Base (free, non-ticketed)

Funding Credits: TASGADH (Creative Scotland)