Code of Practice, Quality Framework & Professional Development for non-formal education

This document is the result of a long process of discussion about ways of supporting the many groups in the non-formal sector in Scotland with a commitment to fostering the widest possible practice of traditional music skills, vocal and instrumental, in their communities.

The traditional music community sets a great deal of value on informal approaches to teaching and learning. The TMF’s aim is that the Code of Practice might be formally adopted (or adapted) by our community’s non-formal education providers; the Quality Framework might provide a shared notion of quality across the sector and between organisers, tutors and participants; that it might aid reflection on their practice by practitioners, and suggest topics for training; and the Professional Development Framework might suggest short and long-term options for those wishing to take their practice further.

Working Group:

Finlay Allison (Glasgow Fiddle Workshop)
Steve Byrne/Alison Carlyle (Scots Music Group, Edinburgh)
Rachael Duff (Fèis Rois)
Marie Fielding (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)
David Francis (Traditional Music Forum/TRACS)
Ronnie Gibson (Scottish Culture and Traditions, Aberdeen)
Shona Nic a’ Mhaoilein (Fèisean nan Gàidheal)
Emma Tomlinson (Freelance)