A story as part of the Gifting Every Child Resource, which is a perfect starting point for parents, teachers and youth organisations to build their own local collections, to ensure the songs, stories, dance steps and seasonal customs every child in Scotland should know.

Curated by storyteller Bea Ferguson, the user is encouraged to pick and choose which elements are best suited to their situation, with material that can be catered towards different ages to enhance engagement and enjoyment. The resource is broadly targeted towards 6-9-year olds but has flexibility on both ends.

Age Order of Stories for Gifting Every Child

  • The Wee Bannock
  • Lazy Jack
  • Rashiecoats
  • Whuppity Stoorie
  • The Well at the World’s End
  • Graham of Morphie and the Kelpie
  • The Selkie Bride
  • One Wish
  • Monday, Tuesday
  • Tailor in the Church
  • Finn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge
  • Bradan an eolais
  • Assipattle and the Stoor Worm
  • Bride and Angus

Download the story in English and Scots below.