Scotland’s Stories – Online Teaching Resource

Scotland’s Stories presents a variety of traditional Scottish stories in written form and a collection of tales on video to allow pupils to access and experience the living storytelling tradition.

The resource acts as a springboard for creating a story-rich culture in the classroom and will support literacy and language work in the classroom from aged 3 upwards.

The stories can be told and heard by both pupils and teachers in the hope that it will encourage teachers to find their own favourite stories to tell.

A Storymaking package is included, perfectly adaptable for use according to the needs and abilities of individual pupils, and preferred styles of teaching.

The choice of story is paramount since it must appeal to each listener. From ‘Assipattle and the Meister Stoorworm’ which is a folk tale from Orkney with a lazy teenager who has problems with his family, to ‘The Little Brown Calf’ where a young girl escapes her fate but has to navigate the world completely on her own, there are great characters to discover and contemporary themes that youngsters can relate to.

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