The Camel

This is a traditional Indian teaching tale suitable for use with a wide age range, including special needs.

  • With small children (nursery to lower primary), the simple structure of this tale fairly begs to be acted out. The story builds is founded on prediction and suspense: can we work out what will happen next?
  • At upper primary level, it is a useful tale for environmental awareness and to supply details of natural history and geography, as well as for discussing emotions.
  • At secondary and adult level, it can be used to tackle conflict, emotions and building suspense in narrative.

It has been created to illustrate spiritual teachings too so consider it for RME as well as PSE.

I was first given this traditional Indian teaching tale to work on by Sue Hollingsworth as an animal story, then adapted it to use as an environmental tale, but as I worked with it I became aware of just how many aspects of life it could touch.

‘It has an unusual and slightly frustrating ending, which naturally gives rise to discussion.’

Rosie Mapplebeck

Download the story and accompanying activities below