The Fisherman, the Selkie & the Moon

This unique resource includes a retelling of a well-known traditional story in two versions, a full one for people who like to enhance their telling with plenty of details and a shorter one for beginners with less details to remember.

If you have never learned a story by heart before, try the short version first and if you can remember it easily enough, try adding in elements from the full version.

‘I have chosen a universally-known tale because there are plenty of opportunities for participation: the sound of the wind and the sea, repetitive phrases, suggestions for things the old woman might wish for (peacocks on the castle lawn, statues, etc.).

‘The paper figures can be easily made (print them on thick paper or thin card and follow the instructions) and used to enhance the story, especially when telling to younger groups. Children can also enjoy making their own puppets and then glue on scraps of patterned paper, paper doilies, cloth or feathers to make them very unique.

‘I have used some Scots words in the tale, feel free to adapt or add more. More than anything else, be inventive in your retelling!’

– Sylvia Troon