The Pirate Treasure – Primary

A short pirate tale from Anne Pitcher, suitable for primary school children (4-5 yrs):

‘This is a pirate tale I heard from Angie Townsend which I have adapted. Angie is an absolutely amazing storyteller who knows so much about Scottish Pirates, both real and imaginary. There were indeed many pirates who sailed the seas in search of plunder – even in Scotland. This one was told by an old sea dog. The story develops the theme of travelling in a cross-curricular way involving Expressive Arts [Participation in performances, and Drama], Literacy and English [Listening and Talking], Numeracy and Mathematics [Shape, Position and Movement], Social Studies [People, place and environment]. For the children who are not re-telling the tale, the vital role of being active listeners develops the listening strand of the curriculum.’

There are songs and refrains, so the story can be used with younger children too, with the last paragraph of the story cut (Captain Kit’s mice treasure) to avoid it being too long.

As well as the story itself, you will find plenty of craft activities and games to do, both before the telling and as a follow up, in the below downloads.