The Tale of Atalanta

This resource includes an original retelling of the Greek tale of Atalanta and Melanion, with a live commentary of the race. The style is that of the spoken language, to help you learn and remember the tale. There are also ideas and resources for follow-up activities, especially suited to schools. The activities cover a wide area of Curriculum for Excellence outcomes, but focus on using expression and intonation of voice.

‘We chose this as it’s a story we love to tell together. Atalanta, at the heart of the tale, is such a strong character! This is a story that can be explored in many ways, it can be retold orally, through drama, art and even using multimedia for research and presentation.

‘Mostly though, we liked the idea that by building a commentary, the children could explore expression in their voices, which is often a challenging thing to do. We hope that your group find as much drama, excitement and fun in this story as we do!’

(Macastory – Ron Fairweather & Fergus McNicol)