The Wisdom of Age and Youth

This resource is a really good starting point for your storytelling session. The activities are a fantastic way of getting a mixed group of older and younger people (or indeed any group) involved. If you prefer, you can tell the tales separately as part of your very own storytelling event.

‘I have organised and run many inter-generational storytelling projects and workshops. The Golden Pitcher and The Wooden Bowl are two stories that are easy to learn and tell, and that engage both young and old.

‘These stories celebrate the wisdom of age and youth and are about valuing the differences between people, as well as discovering common ground.

‘I have included some intergenerational workshop games and activities, which focus on bringing participants together to share their experiences in a fun and relaxed way.

‘Doing all the activities, as well as telling the stories, should take approximately 90 minutes. As the group facilitator, you need to bring the group together in a comfortable area with privacy, amenities and enough space to move around.’

– Allison Galbraith