Three Craws

A song as part of the Gifting Every Child Resource, which is a perfect starting point for parents, teachers and youth organisations to build their own local collections, to ensure the songs, stories, dance steps and seasonal customs every child in Scotland should know.

Introduce youngsters to some accessible Scots language with family favourite, “Three Craws” from Christina Stewart.

  • Video clip allows stimulus for pupils to consider the medium and content.
  • Focus on the language used and extending the concept to imagine what the fourth craw might be doing.

Downloads available for use below include 3 linked Lesson Plans, which were devised for P5, mixed ability with LIs: Analyse a song video, Explore similarities and differences between languages and consider issues arising, Respond creatively to a design challenge. Differentiation in 2 groups for video analysis worksheet. Pupils work individually, in pairs and in teams for different tasks.

Originally developed for TES Teaching Resources and kindly reproduced here with permission from TES and Christina Stewart.

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