Scotland the When – Merlin’s Crag

This week we take a break from Scotland’s Brexit travails in favour of assassination attempts and a manhunt in Annandale.

Though more than thirty years have passed, the Lockerbie bombing remains unresolved. More people were killed on Scottish soil in this murderous event than any other, excepting war. The only person ever tried was ‘Unsafely Convicted’ and the alleged involvement of the CIA has never been answered.

Can the truth still come out? Must it? And why should a gathering of Russian experts in Moffat provoke a crisis?

Once again past and present, local and international, fact and fiction tangle in an unpredictable struggle to the death. Or is it for life?

Enjoy another one of Donald Smith’s satirical tales around mayor Scottish history and events, as part of the Scotland the When series.

Merlin’s Crag