Scots Radio – Nominated in Celtic Music Festival

The Celtic Media Festival is supported by broadcast, film, cultural and economic development organisations throughout the Celtic countries. The Festival is an annual three-day celebration of broadcasting, film talent and excellence from Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany. For nearly 40 years, CMF has been bringing together those who cherish the languages and cultures of the Celtic countries as portrayed on screen and broadcast.

Scots Radio, a monthly internet programme that celebrates the Scots language and culture, has been nominated in for the category of ‘Best Radio Magazine Show’ at this year’s Festival. The programme is presented in a lightsome, easy listening style mixed with humour and good music.

Frieda Morrison, the show’s producer and presenter, said:

“It gees us great pleasure tae announce that Scots Radio has been nominated for an award in the Celtic Media Festival. We have been judged bi a Scottish jury and an International jury – noo through to the finals. The awards will be held in the Isle of Mann this year at the beginning of May. On behalf o the Scots Radio team, thank you for your support. An – we’re affa chuffed!”

The episode nominated is Episode 34.

“In this episode, we hear about a new book, written in Scots, launched in Darnaway Castle, Morayshire – based on a 15th century poem – the start of the new International Storytelling Festival, and enjoy the tastes and banter at the Edinburgh Food Festival. We finish the programme listening to a unique recording of Willie Scott from the Borders, describing the Jedburgh ba’ game.”

Kenneth Fowler, Director of Communications at Creative Scotland, said:

“We are delighted that Scots Radio has been nominated in the Celtic Media awards. As we state in our Scots Language Policy, “we tak tent that the Scots language is an innermaist pairt o Scotlan’s identitie an culture” and we will “forder oor wurk tae heize up an develop Scots language.” Our funding support for Scots Radio forms an important part of that work and it’s great that their role in championing Scots, raising awareness of the language, while entertaining and informing at the same time, is being recognised in this way.”