Scottish Storytelling Festival: A Volunteer’s Perspective

Suzanne Spencer from Edinburgh shares her experience of volunteering at the 29th Scottish International Storytelling Festival: Open Word – Open World

First of all I would like to take this time to thank the Festival for letting me be a volunteer with you.

I really enjoyed myself and I learned a lot from everyone there, from the staff to the fantastic storytellers from Scotland and across the world. Their stories where great to listen to, I loved the looks of wonder on children’s faces after their sessions and I enjoyed giving information out to the people who came to Storytelling Centre during the Festival.

This was my very first time helping out and I had the best time, as well as learning a lot too. You helped me to overcome my fear of going to new places on my own.

The team did a great job organising it all and created a welcoming atmosphere, with so much fun and laughter. I will be keep in touch with you all as you always had smiles on your faces, creating a  friendly environment for all whom come in and see the wonderful work you are doing at the Storytelling Centre.

Suzanne shared a story on Facebook and she also has a blogspot for her stories and poetry.

The SISF team would like to thank everyone who has been involved this year, from the artists who shared their stories, to our partners, regional community groups, volunteers and venues that made it all happen, and finally to our magnificent audiences, who keep coming back and bringing new people with them each year!

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