SC&T seeks Board Members

SC&T, based in Aberdeenshire, aims to promote awareness and growth of Scottish traditional culture, and to do so in a way which brings enjoyment, encouragement, enthusiasm and a sense of community.

Due to the recent retiral of two of their board members they have vacancies for at least two new members. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills or contribute those you already have. They have recently restructured the board to spread the load more evenly and each person does only what he or she can manage. They meet once a month for a couple of hours, usually on a Thursday. They particularly need someone with marketing experience to join the team. Contact them for a without prejudice discussion if you are interested, to find out what is involved. You can contact any board member from the list below or contact and Richard Ward will get back to you.

Meet The SC&T Board

A good question! SC&T is run by a group of up to 15 volunteers who form the board, a rather grand title for the organizing committee. At the moment SC&T is a limited company, but they are in the process of converting to a SCIO (Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation). The board meets once a month and there are smaller sub-committees which meet in between times. To avoid remoteness, here is a list of the current members with roles as appropriate and where and when you can find them at classes:-

Richard Ward – Chairman and Secretary
Finn O’Neill – Vice-chair
Session/Bodhran Classes Tutor
Alan Gall – Treasurer. Attends Whistle class.
Hector Forsyth – Website Coordinator. Attends
Instrumental Performance Group 3
Sandy Tweddle – Tutor Coordinator. Fiddle 2 tutor
Senga Macdonald – Disclosure. Attends Fiddle 3
Kenny Hadden – Flute tutor.
Hazel Thomson – Young SC&T Coordinator. Attends Instrumental Performance Group 3
Lee Ross – Workshop Coordinator. Attends Band Alchemy class.
Ian Russell – Not currently in a class
Helen Lynch – Assisted places Coordinator, Fundraising Ceilidhs, Buchanans Restaurant performance coordination. Whistle tutor and attends Small Pipes class