See your Stories of Connection displayed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre

There’s an emotional side to the Edinburgh Fringe – not just welling up at the end of a musical or wincing as some poor stand-up is heckled to bits, but moments of real human connection, too. It could be watching your child’s eyes light up at their first show, joining in an impromptu ceilidh dance with your friends, or holding hands amidst the whirlwind of sights, sounds and flyers that is the Royal Mile in August.

Such moments are soon to be the focus of Stories of Connection, a photography exhibition curated by Dundee organisation connected baby. Made up of hundreds of photos submitted by the public, this exhibition gives a glimpse into lives and loves from all around, conveying just how interdependent our species is and exploring why this is so important to our health and happiness.    

With the Fringe currently in full swing, creatives here in Edinburgh are encouraged to snap some of the myriad moments that flicker between their friends and family during the festival. For those based elsewhere, the organisers are interested in all images that showcase a moment of emotional connection between humans, no matter when or where they were captured.

As ‘connected baby’ suggests, the exhibition will surely feature lots of adorable baby pictures to coo over! However, its scope certainly isn’t limited to newborns: you might want to share a photo of your lifelong friends cracking up over a joke, or maybe your kids playing with the dog (they’re practically human, too). 

Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk, director of the organisation, says: “We were keen to host this exhibition because people are so fascinated by the discoveries that science is making about the way in which our brains are born pre-programmed for relationships and social interaction.  Our aim was to help that science come alive, by linking it directly to real moments in the lives of real people. We are so delighted by the way in which the public is embracing the idea of the exhibition, and we want the photos to keep flooding in!”

To submit your experiences, send your images to, along with a few lines describing the moment and why it was so meaningful. (Please note, you must own the image or have permission to share it before submitting.)

The exhibition will be on display from 18 September to 10 October at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, part of a series of events celebrating and exploring human connection. Click here to book tickets for other events in the cycle, including a Storybook Session for ages 3-5, free public lectures, and a film screening of the connected baby.