Sensing Stories – Finding Scotland’s Stories and Voices

This month we are delighted to host 3 live events under the banner of Sensing Stories, which is the culmination of a series of workshops and discussions to inspire new stories waiting to be told. We are passionate about ensuring all voices and stories are heard and encouraged in Scotland. Our stories are the threads which connect us to each other but are also expressions of our differences.

As part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival’s programme in 2020 we partnered with four organisations to deliver artistic development opportunities to groups interested in using storytelling as a wellbeing tool and for developing performance skills.

It’s been great working with the Scottish International Storytelling Festival towards these performances. As a company supporting disabled artists and performers we’re always looking for new ways to work with new people – storytelling and theatre are so interconnected that it felt like an ideal partnership. Thanks to all of the artists involved for giving so much to the project.” Robert Softley Gale, Artistic Director, Birds of Paradise Theatre Company

The four collaborating organisations are Birds of Paradise, LGBT Youth Scotland, Networking Key Services and the Scottish BAME Writers Network. We thank them for their partnership and are delighted to showcase the work that these new storytellers have been creating. Please join us in listening to their stories and keep an ear out for more stories in the future.

Jade Pearl Lewis, Co-Director, Scottish BAME Writers Network says:

“Scottish BAME Writers Network are delighted to partner with the Scottish International Storytelling Festival on the ‘Sensing Stories’ programme. Mara Menzies is an incredible storyteller and the five new apprentice storytellers will have benefitted highly from her mentorship. Zebib K. Abraham, Nasim Rebecca Asl, Tim Carlsen, Sanjay Lago and Raheema Sayed are all talented writers and we can’t wait to experience their stories!”

Event Listings

Sensing Stories with Dougie Mackay & Guests

Wed 10 Mar | 7.30pm (1hr 30) | Zoom | Pay What You Can

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Sensing Stories with Mara Menzies & Guests

Sun 28 Mar | 7.30pm (2hrs) | Zoom | Pay What You Can

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