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Shaping the cultural strategy through cultural conversations

Over November, Ellie and Dave of TMF were on the road talking to members about the proposed new Scottish Government Cultural Strategy for Scotland, and getting their ideas on why traditional music and arts matter.

In partnership with three of its member organisations, the Traditional Music Forum, part of TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland), hosted conversations in connection with the development of the Scottish Government’s proposed cultural strategy.
These took place in Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow in early November, preceded by a discussion at a TRACS event in September.
The focus of the conversations was not so much on culture as a general idea but on the
specific aspect of Scottish culture referred to as ‘the traditional arts’. Discussion centred on
their relationship to the wider culture, why these artforms are important to people, the
challenges they face, what they contribute to Scottish cultural life and what they might
contribute to that life in future.
Some consistent themes emerged from all three discussions.
The traditional arts are seen as a means of expression that enables
people to celebrate their communities and share their
heritage with others – heritage as something inclusive rather than exclusive.

The results of these cultural conversations were fed into a report and shared with the Scottish Government.

Thanks to all who took part and special thanks to Friends of Wighton, SC&T and Royal Conservatoire for having us.

Read the Report Here