Scotland the When – A Mad God’s Dream

It’s August—must be time for the Edinburgh Festivals! Only this year it isn’t. But don’t despair because A Mad God’s Dream brings you lust, intrigue, backstage drama, plot and counter-plot from the Edinburgh Festival. Ossian, the mainstage festival drama—is it a nationalist epic?—comes direct to your ever smaller screens.

Donald Smith’s wicked novella summons up the sweat and the greasepaint, a political coup, a control freaked university, a theatre production in meltdown … but it will be alright on the night, as long as Edinburgh can keep the shenanigans under wraps. Which is mainly what it’s been doing for seventy years—until now.

SCOTLAND THE WHEN continues its satiric swathe through contemporary Scotland with this double dose for post-lockdown trauma.


A Mad God’s Dream