SC&T – Commissioning Brief

Statement of research questions  

To investigate the range of available models for SC&T’s future adult programme delivery in 2022 and beyond. Engaging with existing and past participants and tutors to establish their preferences for online or face to face or blended learning. 

To investigate how other teaching organisations in Scotland and beyond are planning to address the same issues and to exchange ideas.  

To make a recommendation to the Board about SC&T’s future adult programme delivery based on the findings of this research. 

Expectations about deliverables,  

The report should take the form of an Options Appraisal providing an indication of the performance of each proposed model operating within the existing cohort of SC&T participants, tutors and supporters and measured against the following 3 themes.  

  • desirability – the degree to which each option meets SC&T’s strategic objectives and priorities  
  • viability – the degree to which each option is financially viable and sustainable 
  • feasibility – the degree to which each option can be implemented taking account of the available resources and skills 

The report will include supporting evidence from our own cohort of current and past participants and examples from elsewhere for each model, where possible. The report recommendations will assist the Board to make informed decisions about future delivery of classes for 2022 and beyond. 

The report should be in the form of a written submission accompanied by a presentation to the Board. The report should include a description of the processes undertaken to do the research, an overview of data sources used, main findings, conclusions, recommendations and supporting documentation. 

Available data or connections  

The applicant will have access to SC&T’s database of participants, the results of previous surveys and the opportunity to discuss/interview/survey tutors, board members, present students and staff.  

We will also provide contact details for other similar organisations who may be willing to offer information about their planned programmes, considering a broader range of organisations than those delivering traditional music. 

We will also provide a briefing of the resources, skills and facilities available to SC&T to enable it to offer classes in each of the various learning environments and an overview of the likely availability of sufficient rooms and physical facilities available for any face to face offerings. 

Application process 

In order to apply for this commission SC&T will require an example of written research work undertaken by each candidate. This should be submitted along with an expression of interest by 10th December 2021 

By email to 

By post to 42 Carden Place, Aberdeen AB10 1UP  

Candidates will also be invited to make a short 5 minute presentation to the SC&T Board as part of the recruitment process. This presentation may be in person or live online. 

Wherever possible the interview and selection process will be undertaken online. 


  • Short leet of applicants 
  • Interview & Selection 
  • Appointment and acceptance 
  • Initial meeting with project team to discuss parameters 
  • Project proposal and methods and timetable agreed 
  • Initial staged payment (40%) 
  • Project proceeds 
  • Progress report/s as per timetable 
  • Interim staged payment (30%) 
  • Oral debrief prior to final report 
  • Final report and presentation 
  • Final staged payment (30%) 

It is hoped that the project will commence early in the new year.  The end date will be agreed with the successful candidate. 


A fee of £3000 (inclusive of VAT if applicable) will be paid as above.