Staying Healthy On Tour Workshop – 22nd May 2019, Glasgow

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In this free workshop you will learn how to stay healthy whilst on tour, by juggling the many demands that this has both on body and mind.

75% of musicians develop a health problem in relation to their occupation. Touring is intense, tiring and there is a higher risk of developing injuries or health problems which can have an impact on performance, career and personal well-being.

In this session we will explore the key areas that put health at risk while on tour.

These include the physical and emotional demands of touring, pain and injury, social isolation, maintaining a healthy diet, sleep, hearing, exercise, use of alcohol and drugs, and sexual health.

We will discuss strategies for tour planning, taking into account personal health issues, the impact of air travel, moving equipment, appropriate recovery times, vaccinations and strategies to promote resilience on tour. We will explore group dynamics, leadership and communication planning too.

Seeking physical and emotional support while touring can be difficult, particularly when working abroad. Planning in advance can help prevent some of these problems. We aim to raise awareness and share practical strategies to promote healthy artists and successful tours.

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About Dr Pippa Wheble

Dr Pippa Wheble, a GP with a Masters in Performing Arts Medicine, will be leading this course. She works as an assessing clinician for BAPAM (The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine) and is part of the BAPAM Trainer Network.

She specialises in the physical, vocal and mental health issues for performing artists and teaches conscious breathing for improved mental health and well-being.

She is also a violinist and singer based in Edinburgh. She is experienced with performance anxiety and burnout and is passionate about promoting health and well-being for musicians and healthcare professionals.


BAPAM’s healthy performance training sessions are designed to help you avoid the health problems often encountered in the course of an arts career. When problems do occur they provide specialist medical advice in their free clinics.

BAPAM (the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine) use evidence based clinical and educational approaches to support musicians, all performing arts professionals and students.

BAPAM run a regular free clinic in Glasgow for anyone working in performing industries. You can book a free confidential appointment by calling 020 7404 8444 or by emailing The next two clinics in Glasgow take place on 10 May and 7 June 2019.

Visit BAPAM’s website for more information.

Event location

Scottish Music Centre, City Halls, Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1NQ