Stories and Craft Merge for Tales in the Making

Tales in the MakingWhat happens when you pair story with craft?

That’s exactly what Craft Scotland and the Scottish Storytelling Centre asked which led to a commissioned series – Tales in the Making – performed at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, 29-31 December 2014.

The makers – metalsmith Bryony Knox and glass artist Laura Reid – were paired up with storytellers Erin Farley and Grace Banks respectively, to develop a performance utilising two classic stories where they could use their craft to illustrate the tale told and bring an extra dimension for the audience.

Now the quartet of two tellers and two craft makers return for TradFest to showcase the magic of this collaboration as moving art enhances the story, which perfectly encapsulates TradFest’s aim to encourage collaboration across the traditional art forms for richer, cultural experiences that ensures holistic, inclusive and welcoming results.

The classic tale of The Snow Queen will be told by Grace Banks with demonstrations of glass engraving inspired by toy theatres, which included utilising a technique from the 16th century!

Artist Laura Reid is a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art and has created suitably frosty pieces of perfection to illustrate Grace’s words and songs.

Erin Farley will be telling The Death of the Fin King, which explores the struggle between fisherman Johnny Brass and the Fin King. This story is one of many from the rich tapestry of The Fin Folk who were sorcerers of Orkney Lore.

Bryony Knox graduated with a Masters of Design from Glasgow School of Art and has her studio base in Edinburgh. Inspired by a love of storytelling, movement and colour, her intricate metal creations will bring the ocean to life using puppetry techniques.

Tales in the Making is at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on Saturday 9 May at 2pm.