Lizzie McDougall

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Lizzie is an artist and storyteller fascinated by the pictures that stories, particularly traditional Highland stories, inspire in the mind’s eye. She has gathered stories that have been shared by generations; nature stories, historic stories and fairy stories that strengthen connections to Highland culture, nature and the environment.

Lizzie grew up in Edinburgh where as a child she loved to listen to Highland stories; she was so inspired by the tales she heard from Mary Dunlop the Barrel Organ Lady and Compton Mackenzie that she set off on her own adventures to discover more. She moved to the Highlands and started Moving Arts, which has run many festivals and art projects, often featuring traditional stories. She has a Degree in Cultural Studies of the Highlands and Islands from the University of the Highlands and Islands and has a Fèisean nan Gàidheal level 3 Tutor Training certificate.

Lizzie visits primary & secondary schools, nurseries, Fèisean, museums, historic buildings and gardens, and is adept at tailoring sessions for different ages.  She engages listeners in timeless tales and can incorporate simple Gaelic in her sessions. Lizzie has developed several art projects celebrating stories including; The Ceilidh Quilt, The Highland Storypanels, illustrations for Elizabeth Sutherland’s collection of Highland Tales, Columba and the Monstrous Wurrrm, and the Brahan Seer Standing Stones. She has extensive experience of inspiring people in picturing the story and making images to take home, to help them remember and share the story.

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