Since 2003, performers Ron Fairweather and Fergus McNicol have worked together as Macastory delivering themed storytelling into schools, libraries, museums and festivals all over Scotland. Together they have created projects with and for The National Museum of Scotland, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Library and Scottish Ballet.

They are regular participants at The Edinburgh International Book Festival and 2018 was their 14th consecutive year taking part.

One of Macastory’s priorities is to provide a live experience of storytelling and singing while also encouraging the audience to interact with the stories and songs. In live performances they encourage the audience to take part and engage by using creative and invented larger than life characters.

When they work In schools they achieve this through participation in the performances and encouraging pupils to take part in workshops. This experience is designed to engage and inspire the love of storytelling and song. One of their aims is to teach storytelling, songwriting and literacy skills by enhancing imagination and aspiration which in turn will help develop a greater sense of self esteem.

Ron Fairweather is a full time storyteller and has been performing storytelling and singing for most of his adult life. He is also a skilled workshop leader working with organisations across Scotland such as Fios Rois and North Ayrshire Outreach, North Lanarkshire Council, SLC and East Renfrewshire Council to bring storytelling to a wider audience. Prior to becoming a professional storyteller Ron worked as a deep sea fisherman, within the oil and property industries and the music business with both Sony and the Proclaimers own label, Braw Music.

Fergus McNicol is a storyteller and part time teacher. Fergus works in a variety of storytelling styles: traditional, theatrical and Japanese Kamishibai. He has performed widely throughout Scotland and abroad. Fergus runs workshops in schools for children of all ages and provides training for professionals such as teachers and librarians as well as adults interested in developing their own storytelling skills. Fergus has worked in conjunction with a variety of artists and has participated in a variety of community based arts projects.

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