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Alastair McIver

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Alastair McIver has a wide repertoire of stories from around the world, which he has incorporated into his hugely successful “Storyship” sessions. Alastair likes to share his own imaginative stories, as well as personal reminiscence and tales made up on the spot. His storytelling style is quirky, laid-back and inclusive, and he has an ability to form a strong rapport with his audience, especially children.

Alastair works in an after-school club and nursery, and has worked in a Saturday club for additional-needs children, using storytelling successfully in all these settings. He has a special interest in story-building exercises and completed a training course on running reminiscence sessions, sharing stories with older people in nursing homes on a voluntary basis. Alastair is also an author, with his debut novel, ‘Glasgow Fairytale’, available from Black and White Books.

Alastair has been telling stories as long as he can talk, with clear memories of telling dinosaur tales into a cheap tape recorder which went CLUNK-CLUNK-CLUNK when he was six. He grew up in Dumfries hearing stories of Charlie and Dobbin, a boy and his talking horse, invented by his father. As an adult, Alastair has introduced the Charlie and Dobbin stories to a new generation of young listeners!

Alastair is a stalwart of Glasgow storytelling clubs the Better Crack Club and Even Better Crack Club. He has also told at The Village Storytelling Centre, the Guid Crack Club and the Scottish Storytelling Centre. Alastair has also organised his own storytelling events, bringing Burns to life for adults in Tchai Ovna and he has won the Queen’s Quaich at the Girvan Folk Festival’s annual storytelling competition twice, as well as regularly telling at Glasgow’s West End Festival.

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