Alexandria Patience

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Alex Patience is a natural storyteller who allows the inner feel of the work to guide the telling, which means that some stories are best told in her mither tongue of Doric. She tells some of the big traditional stories from a woman’s point of view and tops and tails heart tugging drama with a bit of a laugh and occasional song.

Alex has a great love of all things about the sea; coastal and island communities, and their lives with stories of the second sight, selkies and the connections made between traditional stories and our contemporary lives. All ages fit for her stories and her storytelling workshops – working in communities with mixed ages and in schools, colleges, universities and the general community.

She has also created and trained people to make podcasts and collects reminiscences, which she has edited to create two audio art walks in Portskerra/Melvich on the North Coast. Creating performances and workshops outdoors and in site-specific places is a large part of her focus.

Alex was born and brought up in Fraserburgh to a fisher family – a Brocher and Doric speaker with Black Isle & Hebridean connections. She emigrated to Canada where she worked at creating new performances and was befriended and worked with First Nations Peoples. She directs the Annual Portskerra International Storytelling Festival and is an interdisciplinary artist. Alex also performs with musician/composer, Donald McNeill, creating and performing live original music for her stories. As an arts crofter, she is happy to travel close to home, nationally & internationally.

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