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Alice tells stories to children and adults, offering a range of programmes for all ages. Her stories come from world myths and folktales, with many from the Celtic tradition. They include tales of tricksters and shape-shifters; ghosts and mythical creatures; historical legends and epic myths. Alice loves to tell transformational stories of women and girls and their heroic adventures, and stories about the land and water of the East Anglian fen country, where she spent her childhood.

She also practises the art of spontaneous storytelling; improvising stories in the moment.

Alice came to storytelling through her career as an actress in the theatre. She now uses her theatrical skills to enrich her storytelling, creating believable engaging characters interwoven within her telling.

Igniting imaginations and connecting people young and old through story is a passion of Alice’s. In 2015, she moved from London to Edinburgh and was greeted by a warm community of storytellers who are keeping the oral tradition alive. Here in Scotland she works with school children, teenagers, parents, teachers, university lecturers, and entrepreneurs, helping them to discover the power of storytelling.

As a CELTA qualified EFL teacher she has also combined her skills, and designed workshops and storytelling sessions for English language learners. She offers teacher training workshops to help language teachers use storytelling techniques, and travels internationally inspiring language learning through story.

Alice’s full length storytelling performances include:

‘Bold Daughters’ stories of women and girls at the threshold of transformation. Performed at the Audacious Women Festival 2016 and Ljungby Beratter Festival, Sweden 2019.

‘GIANTS’ telling stories of giants with storyteller Svend-Erik Engh. Performed at TradFest 2017,2018, Taproot Festival 2017, SISF 2018, Ljungby Beratter Festival Sweden 2019.

‘The Golden Fly’ recently performed at Edinburgh Fringe 2019, an epic myth of a shape-shifting goddess, told with musician Graham Dickson on flute.

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