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Alice Fernbank tells traditional stories from around the world, including tales of tricksters, shape-shifters, ghosts and mythical creatures; tales of lovers, historical legends and epic myths. Alice loves to tell transformational stories of women and girls and their heroic adventures, and stories of the land and water, with an affinity for the folktales and legends of the East Anglian fen country, where she spent her childhood.

Alice also practises the art of spontaneous storytelling; improvising stories in the moment, for both entertainment and healing.

She came to storytelling through her career as an actress in the theatre. She became part of a small group in London called The Lip Thumb and Toe Storytelling Collective, who were telling tales together and hosting storytelling events including Story Jam, South London’s Storytelling Night which Alice co-produced and hosted.

In 2015, Alice moved to Scotland. Here she uses storytelling in a wide range of settings. Telling stories in educational institutions ranging from primary schools to universities.

Alice also leads storytelling workshops with programmes for children and adults exploring all aspects of the art of storytelling, and she works as a private storytelling coach for individuals.

As a CELTA qualified EFL teacher she hosts workshops and storytelling sessions specifically designed for English language learners, and she works with language teachers, exploring the use of story in the language classroom. Alice travels internationally, using storytelling performance as a vehicle for English language learning.

In 2016, she performed ‘Bold Daughters’ at The Audacious Women Festival at Scottish Storytelling Centre, which explored stories of women and girls at the threshold of transformation.

More recently, she has been working on the multi-faceted performance project GIANTS. A project created in collaboration with storyteller Svend-Erik Engh, which includes a performance for grown-ups; a performance and workshop for schools; a performance and workshop for English language learners; and a training programme for storytelling in organisations.

GIANTS has been performed at Taproot Festival 2017, TradFest and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2018 and has visited schools in Scotland, England, Denmark and The Canary Islands.

Alice is currently developing two new performances with musicians to be launched in 2019.

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