Alison McMorland

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Alison McMorland‘s storytelling is based on Scottish oral tradition, community history and experience, songs and children’s lore.

A fine traditional singer, Alison interweaves song, story and memory to create the experience of the tale she is weaving. Alison’s way of storytelling is always closely related to the people with whom she’s working. She sees the oral arts as unlocking personal and community experiences, whilst making connections between people, their life stories and values. She is at home in all kinds of community venues, schools, or in a festival context.

Born in Renfrewshire and brought up in Strathaven in Lanarkshire, Alison first became involved in community customs and celebrations in Cornwall in the 1960’s. Since the early seventies, she has worked in Scotland, contributed to the folk song revival, recorded songs and ballads, and developed ways of combining the traditional arts within the community. She is a founder member of the Scottish Storytelling Forum.

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