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Allison Galbraith has a universal repertoire of stories to tell; starting at home, her eclectic mix includes Celtic, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English and Cornish tales. She loves to research the local lore, myth and legend of wherever she is asked to perform. Nature stories including birds, insects, animals, trees and plants are also very close to Allison’s environmental heart, which has led her to collect and tell stories from all over the world, some true and others just very entertaining.

Allison works with all age groups and, with a special needs teaching and drama background, she delivers unique, tailor-made sessions for her clients. Interactive stories are her speciality with the use of songs, rhymes and games to enhance communication skills and develop self-esteem.

Born and brought up in Wolverhampton, with a family from Greenock, Inverclyde, Allison enjoyed dual nationality and was called on as a child to tell stories in both dialects, which has led to a great repertoire for accents that bring her storytelling alive. Beginning in 1984, Allison first told stories to Travellers’ children in West Midlands Libraries and has since gone on to share stories with all ages all over Britain at schools, community centres, theatres, weddings and festivals.

She has worked for Glasgow Libraries and The Tramway Theatre’s Hidden Gardens, The Winter Gardens and Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Traquair Fair, The Celtic Music Festival, The Tartan Heart Festival, Edinburgh Tree Fest, Lanarkshire Storytellers, the Scottish Storytelling Centre, The Scottish Wildlife Trust and Scottish Natural Heritage

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