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Amanda Edmiston, Botanica Fabula, is an artist and storyteller with a background in herbal medicine. She researches, retells, writes and creates interactive experiences combining folklore, history and facts with traditional storytelling techniques that reveal the real uses of plants and our common connections through legends, remedies and lore.

She has created bespoke story-lead projects which aim to engage folk of all ages and has collaborated with artists and practitioners from many fields including musicians on a number of projects, sculptors, gardeners and dance companies.

You can spot her stories and learn a bit more about her work with Grow 73 and sculptor Rob Mullholland on the Ruglen Ropewalk here.

Previous commissions have included work for The National Museum of Rural Life, The National Library of Scotland, Chelsea Physic Garden, a tour of schools in China and The Scottish Ballet amongst others.

Amanda loves travelling and works across the UK and internationally. She has extensive experience working with museums, botanic gardens, heritage sites, education establishments and community projects, tailoring both sessions and long-term projects to weave connecting threads for communities; create exciting new elements of visitor engagement and add inspiring interactive storytelling-lead workshops designed specifically to tie in with projects and enhance the curriculum.

“Thank-you Amanda, for the huge amount of thinking that went into creating such a rich experience. It was everything and more than we had hoped for, in terms of travellers’ tales, applied history, creativity, and imagination with a constructive project to take away.” 

Dr Anna Groundwater, History dept. University of Edinburgh on ‘Traveller’s Tales and Tales for Travellers’  – a collaboration between schools and Edinburgh University October 2016.

Coming from a long line of artists, storytellers, gardeners and writers, Amanda likes to add dimension to her work taking it beyond just the story, having learnt about plants from her grandmother and storytelling from her mother, she

loves to add cabinets of curiosities, story-boxes, art works that share stories and invite you to explore which she uses along with herbs to taste or to incorporate into participants own work to add immersive multi-sensory qualities to her storytelling and likes to research and develop work in response to place, a point in time or a particular exhibition or theme.

She holds PVG scheme membership to work with both children and vulnerable adults and public liability insurance as a member of Equity.

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