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It is through stories that we understand ourselves and others; from my childhood I have understood this truth and sought to tell stories and listen to those of others. In 2009, I was awarded a place on the Scottish Storytelling Centre’s Directory. My professional storytelling life then began. In the following years, I told stories in schools, heritage sites, a pub, a hospital, museums, soft play places, and care homes for the elderly. When telling to children, my storytelling style is very active. I include songs, actions, games, and crafts to engage the children in as many ways as possible. With the very young (under threes) and old (those with the early stages of dementia), I use items from my many travels to engage the listeners’ senses – bubbles and feathers, for example, for the little ones, and incense and musical instruments for the older ones. I participated in storytelling competitions in two Morpeth Gatherings – and won a trophy each time! I have also run many workshops, facilitating other people’s storytelling.

Between 2015 and 2021, I lived and worked overseas – first in Saudi Arabia, then Japan, then China, and then Oman. I took my storytelling work with me, telling stories in schools, colleges, and community groups. Some highlights include re-telling an Omani folktale as part of a shadow puppet show for the South Korean Embassy, running a fully booked storytelling workshop at Oman’s national conference and exhibition centre, and travelling to Thailand and India as an invited guest storyteller at festivals. Returning to the UK, I mentored for the Federation of Asian Storytellers.

I take my love of storytelling with me wherever I go and am always keen to meet new audiences.