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Anne Hunter tells traditional myths and tales from Scotland and around the world, funny recitations, stories of strong women and stories of the heart. Inspired by her late husband, storyteller Andy Hunter, she also likes to tell stories in, and of, place, stories which reveal and explore our relationship to both urban and rural environments.

Anne has a warm, friendly and collaborative style and brings her musical and artistic skills to enhance her stories. She is a singer and musician and plays the violin, guitar, recorder and tin whistle.

As an artist, art psychotherapist and ‘Talking Mats’ accredited trainer, Anne has shared and facilitated stories with a diverse range of people in Scotland, UK, Europe and America. She has many years of experience of working with adults with learning disability and mental health problems and as a storyteller she is happy to work with children and adults with and without additional support needs.

Anne was born and brought up in Clitheroe, Lancashire. This small town nestles beneath Pendle Hill, where George Fox had the visionary experience that inspired the Quaker movement, and is notorious for the Pendle Witches. Its landscape and history have inspired and influenced her as have her travels around the world and her many years of working for an organisation based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

She is a frequent teller at the Guid Crack Club, Cafe Voices, and Woodland Wheels cycle ride events in Glasgow and Edinburgh and performs regularly with the Burgh Blatherers.

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