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Beth Cross firmly believes story can bring people together. All stories need a community to be told in and communities are the stories they tell. An accomplished performer, having appeared on television and radio in the States and festivals on both sides of the Atlantic, Beth is also an excellent facilitator of workshops and projects. Her infectious enthusiasm makes her a favourite with children while her deep interest in oral history easily creates a rapport with older audiences.

Beth’s tales are always told with a pinch of mischief to give them spice. Whether it’s the wildest heroes from America’s frontier, traditional Jack Tales or the wily Anansi of Africa and the Caribbean, these characters come to life, drawing audiences young and old into the adventures. Beth has a proven track record of involving participants and encouraging their own creativity across mediums of expression in many innovative and dynamic projects. She is always eager to help design new initiatives along these lines, and as part of her PhD helped developed StoryMakers facilitators, which explores storytelling and children’s creativity.

Beth has an interest in and wealth of folktales located at the Scottish Lowlands and Borders, with an emphasis on exploring environmental themes and the long relationship reflected between humankind and nature in folklore. Complementing this interest are tales that recall the traditional celebrations of the folk calendar from Yuletide, through St. Brides Day, Beltane, Lamas Night, Michaelmas and All Saints Eve.

Beth Cross comes by her love of storytelling honestly. She is descended from five generations of Presbyterian ministers who came west with the pioneers. She learned her first stories by her grandmother’s side, sitting on the porch swing of the family farmhouse, and began to spin her own in the tree house in the large ash tree where her own father first told his. It is stories of place that Beth most honours and seeks to pass on to others.

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