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Beverley Bryant loves to tell traditional tales from Scotland, bringing to life the myths and legends of people, places and  creatures from the Other World. She counts herself very lucky to have spent time in the company of great storytelling tradition bearers such as David Campbell and Seoras Macpherson, and continues to learn from storytellers everywhere. Beverley credits her dad with her love of storytelling.  Sunday afternoon runs in the car were always accompanied by tall tales and life stories!

A journalist, then high school English teacher, Beverley knows how to reach her audience. She is a natural host with a warm, inclusive style. Her favourite audiences are adults and teenagers, when she can tell the big tales for which she has an affinity.

Some of her personal highlights include telling stories to the gathering of Clan Mackenzie, hosting and guesting in the Scottish International Storytelling Festival’s Open Hearth series, and telling tales in the National Library of Scotland. She regularly appears at both the Guid Crack and Cafe Voices open mic events, and is currently on the organising committee. She is also Vice Chair of the Scottish Storytelling Forum.

Beverley regularly works in collaboration with Heather Yule as ‘Glamourie’, delivering bespoke programmes of storytelling with harp music for corporate events, tourism, outdoor education facilities and education. These include Burns celebrations, winter and Christmas tales and many others. She also provides workshops for students of education, visiting teachers of English, and emergent Storytellers. She regularly provides mentoring and support to groups such as Edinburgh’s Burgh Blatherers.

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