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Carol Scorer loves the stories, songs and rhythms of the oral tradition. From spontaneous tales to well-crafted performance pieces, she is fascinated by the living spoken word. Carol has a drama degree and community music certificate, and has worked in theatre and community arts for the past 25 years.

In 1994, she moved to Moray to have her first child and found herself drawn to Scottish Traveller tales and stories from the oral tradition. While working as a Community Worker at Elgin Museum, Carol held storytelling events and found ways of using storytelling in much of her work there. Carol was then employed to run heritage/oral history community storytelling events including “Telling Tales of Archiestown” a project with primary school children and young adults to devise and perform local stories.

As a percussionist, Carol loves to weave rhythm, melody and drumming into her stories, heavily influence an opportunity to travel to West Africa to study with master drummers and record the traditional stories of the Griots. Carol has told stories to young children in nurseries, to elderly people in care homes and many different settings in between. She is always open to exploring new ways of telling stories and their application to the condition of being human.

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