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Claire Hewitt has always looked to travelling and tribal peoples of the Earth for inspiration, and it is their tales, myths, and legends she tells, interwoven with song, and music from her Celtic harp, drums, cow horns, singing bowls and bells. Folk tales from the Siberian/Scandinavian and Mongolian peoples – magical encounters with moon men and sun maidens, talking deer and humorous giants, snow and the promise of spring.

Passing on stories from all traditions, spinning the yarn and weaving the tale for all ages to experience, take with them and share, Claire is committed to continuing the rich oral tradition. She is equally at ease working with babies to the elderly and because of her extensive experience within the arts field can create specific projects and workshops incorporating story, song and crafts. Fine Arts and Art therapy trained, Claire has worked within the arts field with children and adults with special needs for 25 years and within the mental health, prison and literacy sector, both at home and abroad. She has also worked professionally as a musician, teacher, voice therapist and community artist.

Claire grew up on the banks of the River Weaver in the heart of Cheshire. Her father was a boat builder and semi-nomad of the Irish and Scottish Seas whilst her mum grew vegetables and flowers and tended to her growing family. After training in Fine Arts Sculpture in Yorkshire, she then went to Kenya to live with a nomadic tribe. This led to her life-long passion of learning from the nomadic peoples of the world, admiring their respect for the Earth on which we depend. Highland Perthshire is now Claire’s base where she has committed herself to building strong foundations for Storytelling in the local remote rural schools and communities, creating with a project called ‘FeltStory’ with a felt artist.

She has worked on a series of Storytelling projects for Historic Scotland at Stanley Mills; National Library of Scotland; Artlink Central; Stirling Royal Infirmary Acute Children’s and Day Ward; The Bridges Project; The Enchanted Forest; Forest Education Network; The Scottish Storytelling Centre; Aviemore Reindeer Centre and one-off Storytelling events/residencies around Scotland, Arctic Circle and Bulgaria. Claire is happy to tell anywhere.

She is devoted to encouraging young families to share tales and songs, journeying together with Brownie the Cow and her Grandma Katie’s magic Copper Kettle. She tells animal stories, wonder tales, Travellers tale, folk and fairy, selkie and sea yarns, sad/silly/stupid stories, tales of love and loss, and World Myths and Legends. Claire is also able to deliver Storytelling Training Workshops for teachers, educators, and people working in special needs, mental health, therapeutic and family services.

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