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Colin Williamson is the grandson of a great storyteller, so has been listening to stories all his life. Colin is an historian and ethnologist; passionate about Scotland’s history, folklore and customs. Colin has an MA Honours in Scottish Ethnology from Edinburgh University together with a diploma in Scottish Studies. He also has a post-graduate qualification in Community Education from Moray House Teacher Training College.

Tales of Wallace, Bruce and Jacobites are among Colin’s favourites and he loves fairy lore for the youngsters. Colin also likes to adapt traditional tales to suit the world our children live in and he develops some stories of his own. He is passionate about storytelling and thoroughly enjoys bringing stories to life. With an interactive approach; the children become part of the stories as Viking warriors or Highlanders in battle.

Colin believes storytelling is not only an ancient art form, it is a great medium for children who struggle with conventional learning. Children with learning differences like Dyslexia can discover the joy of learning through storytelling. Colin works with Dyslexia Scotland and uses storytelling to enhance the lives of those who are Dyslexic or have learning difficulties. He finds it rewarding to work with adults who live with Parkinson’s, Dementia and other physical and mental challenges.

In his spare time, he volunteers with Radio Grapevine at St John’s Hospital, Livingstone, where he produces the Friday Night Show and presents Stories on Air before the nine o’clock news. Colin’s daily commitment and schedule allows time for storytelling appointments to be honoured during the day, evenings and weekends by prior arrangement.

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