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Daru Mcaleece is a Druid Storyteller, performer and visual artist whose storytelling is fuelled by a love of Celtic myths, Science Fiction and Nature. The mythic ‘earth-tales’ he shares come from the Druid/Celtic traditions of Britain, Ireland and the Celtic lands, and are influenced by our connection to nature, often with a magical transformation at their heart.

Daru has a fascination for trickster tales, which he believes hold much potential for us as creative catalysts. Daru also draws on international tales including Norse, Inuit and Buddhist myths, and stories from Mexico, Japan and China. His modern influences include contemporary authors like Alasdair Gray, the Beat poets and even Doctor Who, whom he has performed in a field during a Battle for Stonehenge!

Daru has an engaging and entertaining style that captures the imagination and inspires creativity. He enjoys telling stories to all ages, including children, teenagers, adults and people with learning disabilities. Daru enjoys people and loves stories, so for him bringing the two together is a personal joy. Whilst telling, he embodies his stories using characters and his compelling physical presence can communicate both subtle emotions and drama – all guided by his passion for inspiring creativity and connecting people to one another and the amazing world around them. Daru believes stories support inspiration, develop creativity and connect communities. Much of his work is interactive and he runs workshops combining storytelling and art for both children and adults. He combines telling with environmental activities designed to encourage nature-awareness and sensitivity of our connection to the natural world around us.

Daru grew up around Edinburgh in the shadow of Arthur’s Seat and spent much time as a child in the Borders. His father was a Leith Docker and his earliest memories are of epic, sprawling and funny improvised stories his father told him – which is where his fascination with narrative began. He trained in design and illustration and has worked in archaeology, taught Tai Chi, helped run arts charities, designed magazines, ran exhibitions and performed with an improvisational drama troupe. He has worked as a Support Worker in Social Care, an Arts Worker, a University Researcher and is currently working as a Forest Schools practitioner with children and adults. He loves being outdoors, especially in the mountains and as a painter, enjoys the narrative between Nature, spoken word and image.

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