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Diana is a wildland teller. Her profound connection with nature allows her to explore and bring to life the tales that have been with us since the beginning of time. Deep wisdom is carried by ancient creatures and myths and legends, whispering to the heart words of courage, growth and support.  Children and adults with challenging lives benefit especially from these tales, finding comfort and purpose within them.

Her repertoire ranges from the ancient traditional and wisdom tales to dark, haunted stories; from wildlife stories she creates for children to cheerful folk tales. A fine singer, Diana loves to accompany her storytelling with ballads and songs.

Diana also runs workshops on storytelling for personal or professional development.

As a performer she loves to tell stories to any kind of audience, from small groups to big public events. Her outgoing personality creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere that allows her audience to fly on the wings of imagination.

Originally born and brought up in the Italian mountains, Diana followed a calling to Scotland, where her ancestors came from. She has always loved to tell and listen to stories. As a child, her uncle Olinto used to patiently sit on a wall at the end of the day, and when he lighted his pipe, she knew it was story time.

From then on, tales and stories have always accompanied her steps.

Diana has run projects for therapeutic and educational storytelling in many nursery and primary schools, hospitals, retirement houses, and performed in many venues as well as at storytelling festivals.

Diana tells stories both in English and Italian.

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