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Described as “prominent amongst Scotland’s emerging storytellers”, “enigmatic with a raw sense of humour”, and “an excellent storyteller”, Dougie loves connecting with people, place and imagination through the ever evolving world of folk tales.

He blends the traditional, hearth-side style of telling that has warmed hearts and imaginations for centuries, and more dynamic, contemporary performance telling gaining popularity across Europe. Dougie’s performances are intimate, yet crafted, suiting firesides, schools and theatres equally.

Dougie’s favourite tales are gathered from Highland and Scots folk history and myth, delighting in the sense of people in times past, gathering at firesides in deepest winter, entertaining each other with tales of bogles, witches and selkies. He also tells many wonder tales around the world, reflecting the far-flung places he has explored (West Africa, India, North America and Europe). Using West African djembe drum, songs and games to enhance sessions where appropriate, attention is given to audience participation and fun.

With a background in Community Education, and having worked with The Village Storytelling Centre in Glasgow as a full time community storyteller, he is comfortable and experienced in many social contexts, with a substantial storytelling project portfolio.  He can also combine storytelling with team building, games, bush-craft, Wild Food Walks, Nature Connection, Tai Chi and more as a way of creating a wider experience. As well as delivering sessions he is happy to assist with design and development of individual sessions and ongoing programmes. Stories unlock keys in our imagination and give a very real understanding of the world around us. In this multimedia age, there is something vital and nourishing about connecting with others face to face for the sharing of a story or song.

His recent “sold out” show at Edinburgh Fringe Festival received 4 star reviews as he shared wonder tales from Scotland in “Witches, Wee Folk and Watery Beasties”.

In 2015 Dougie initiated and coordinated the Inverness Storytelling Festival to great acclaim, which was the first Storytelling Festival to take place in the Highlands of Scotland.

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