Eric Brennan

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Eric tells folk tales and legends from around the world, giving each story a particularly Scottish flavour. Often fantastical, always humorous, Eric’s tales enthral young and old alike. Eric’s engaging and easy manner captivates his audience and encourages participation with a mixture of songs, stories and rhymes.

Eric has told regularly to children, including pre-school age groups, and is equally comfortable telling to adults and young people. Eric enjoys passing on his storytelling skills through workshops for librarians, nursery nurses and teachers, among others.

Born and raised in Glasgow, with Scottish and Irish antecedents, storytelling comes naturally to Eric. He has worked for many years in early literacy projects, developing his skills in storytelling to pre-school and primary age children. His previous experience in community work and drama has given him the opportunity to work with groups of all ages.

Eric has told stories in many settings, including nurseries, schools, libraries, theatres and pubs, and is a regular contributor at the Guid Crack Club in Edinburgh and the Better Crack Club in Glasgow.

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