Fong Liu

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Fong Liu’s storytelling experience started 25 years ago while she was at secondary school in China. She was the winner of her school storytelling competition and of the Changshu storytelling festival in Jiangsu, China.

She went on to win several storytelling competitions while she was studying at Suzhou University. After studying, she spent a brief period in advertising before launching her singing career. But, she never gave up her passion for storytelling. In 2010, she made her English language debut at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, telling her own adaption of Chinese traditional tales with original, improvised and traditional music.

Her storytelling style is unique and mixes Chinese traditions and western drama elements. Singing always plays an important part in her storytelling performances. Most of her stories are Chinese traditional legends, adapted to suit different audiences. Fong Liu tells in Mandarin and English.

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