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Gift Amu Logotse is an experienced creative and performing artist.

Amu has collected over 500 traditional and new stories based on continental African concepts and values, observations and social commentary. Chief Amu was born and brought up in Accra in Ghana, but his cultural roots are with the Ewe village in the Volta Region of the country. He sees himself as a tradition bearer and his work as symbols of communication.

Gift Amu Logotse has enjoined sharing stories with groups of all ages at schools, churches, libraries, conferences, museums and festivals and travels throughout Scotland sharing his creative talent. Often using African music, drumming and audience participation, he enlivens concepts and values from all around the world and travels round the country sharing original tales and personal stories.

Whether young or old, Amu loves to create programmes that leave his listeners wanting
more. He can create customised programmes for different audiences and venues. Most
programmes include intercontinental, Multicultural folktales, Legends, and original

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